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How to get rid of that pesky pain in the front of your knee!

Knee pain, specifically toward the front of the knee is one of the most common issues we treat at Movement Driven.

And while we like to individualize treatment for each patient’s specific needs, there are several mobility and strength limitations that tend to be present in most of these patients.

Whether you’re an adolescent athlete with growth plate disruption at the top of the shin (Osgood Schlatter’s), a basketball player with patellar tendonitis, or a runner with patellofemoral pain, anterior knee pain can often be lessened if not fixed with the exercises below.

If you’ve been dealing with knee pain, watch this video below to learn more about some common impairments that tend to cause repetitive stress through difference structures in the front of the knee leading to injury and pain.

The following videos go over some simple yet very effective ways to address the issues layed out in the video above.

If you're continuing to have knee pain, give us a call. There's no reason you shoulder let knee pain stop you from living your life to the fullest!


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