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Movement Driven Golf Rehab Specialists

Keep moving. Stay driven.

 What's the DRIVEN Difference

Movement Driven is a form of therapy that bridges the gap between rehab and performance to help people who are driven to keep moving. 

Movement Driven Performance Physiotherapy was designed to help athletes and active members of the Northeast Florida community perform the sport or hobbies that they love and enjoy a pain-free life. We want our clients to move and live their best and receive the care and attention they deserve.

This is not your traditional physical therapy clinic. We provide 1 on 1 care with customized treatment protocols designed for you and your specific injury and limitations to get you feeling better in less visits.


We continuously have your personal goals in mind and help you achieve these along the way. We provide open and easy communication between you and your Doctor of Physical Therapy, so you never feel like you're alone in this process. 


At Movement Driven, our mission is to provide high quality care than individuals are accustomed to receiving in this current healthcare system. We are simply tired of hearing people in our community say they have dealt with pain for months or years without any solutions from the medical providers they were seeing.


Through manual therapy and a movement-based approach we strive to have you moving better than you thought possible; especially if you have been struggling with the same pain and dysfunction for months or years.


We will be honest and upfront about what outcomes you can expect from working with us. If we don't feel we're the right fit for you, we'll let you know and help find another healthcare professional that can help you live a higher quality of life.


Decrease your pain while increasing your ability to return to activity

Identify and fix the root causes of your pain

Teach you how to keep your pain away while progressively improving your ability to move and perform

Pain Stopping You?

Trying to stay healthy and in shape but pain is stopping you from exercising?

Pain getting worse with time? 

Do you have a chronic injury that you thought 'would get better soon' but is getting worse?

Worried About Injury?

Are you worried your pain will lead to a more serious injury that keeps you from activities you love?

Trouble getting help you need?

Have you been to other medical providers without any real, tangible relief or guidance?

Promise to our Patients

One on One for a full hour with your Doctor, EVERY VISIT

A customized plan specifically for you, based on your unique injury

No long wait times in a waiting room. We respect our patients' time. You are seen at your appointment time

A movement-based approach using exercise and hands-on manual therapy techniques to help you feel good again

Always available for you. Have a question? Get an answer from your doctor directly.

Start Improving on Your Own Today

Not Ready? That's Okay!

Download any of our FREE Ebooks to immediately learn how to improve your mobility and health among these common problems. We address the Tips, Tricks and Myths so you can achieve better movement, a better body and bigger goals. 


You don't have to come into the clinic to start feeling better.  Sign up for our free newsletter and receive body pain relief delivered straight to your email.




His ability to heal and improve the physical and mindset aspects is something truly special, and I’m so thankful for his help. I am back to all of my pre-injury abilities and also learned a great deal more about functional movement with my time spent in his care.


Greg quickly found the source of my pain and the muscles and joints involved. Immediately after the session I felt relief that I hadn't felt in years. He showed me a few very helpful stretches and exercises and my pain has progressively diminished since our first session.


I completely tore my UCL and underwent Tommy John surgery in November of 2020. The Astros team Doctor performed my surgery in Houston. Come middle of December I could not do rehab with the Astros PT staff qny longer due to offseason logistics coupled with covid restrictions, so the Astros found, vetted, and set me up with Greg and I am very glad they chose him.

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