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Our mission is to help people to get out of pain and take control of their health and get back to whatever it is that drives them to move. We want to help empower our clients and give them the knowledge to help themselves take care of their bodies and live more fulfilling lives. We want to reinvent physical therapy and set the standard of care that is too often absent in today’s hectic healthcare system.

Movement Driven guarantees your time spent with our Doctors of Physical Therapy is invaluable. We will listen to you and get to know you as a person to better help you accomplish your goals. We strive to develop relationships with our clients built on trust through transparency, consistency and open, honest communication. We hope to be your teammate. We want to be your guide and help you make confident, informed decisions and help you take ownership of your health and wellbeing.


  • Doctorate of Physical Therapy, University of Miami, Coral Gables, FL

  • Bachelor of Science, Clinical Health Sciences, University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL

  • Orthopedic Certified Specialist

  • Titleist Performance Institute Certified Medical Provider for Golfers

Greg grew up in South Florida playing baseball and enjoying the outdoors. He received his Bachelor's in Health Sciences from the University of Central Florida in 2015. He then went on to the University of Miami where he obtained his Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2015. Following grad school, Greg completed a post-grad residency to specialize in orthopedic physical therapy to have greater ability and more specific skill set, including advanced manual therapy techniques for helping his patients return from injury and resume their sport/activity. Following residency Greg stayed within the University of Miami health system as a clinical staff PT as well as an adjunct faculty member teaching orthopedic and sports PT residents. 

In 2018, Greg became the clinic coordinator of a privately owned, outpatient ortho clinic in Davie, Florida where he honed his skills treating athletes from youth levels to professional ranks including pros from MLB and the NFL. Specifically, he gained a great deal of experience treating baseball players and helping them return to throwing and get back on the field following shoulder and elbow injuries. 


Greg has also worked a great deal with golfers in helping to decrease pain and deficiencies in mobility and strength that may be limiting their performance on the course. He is a certified Medical Provider by the Titleist Performance Institute and helping this population has become a real passion of his!

Greg and his family recently relocated to St. Augustine and decided he wanted to provide his new community with a better option for managing musculoskeletal health. After spending years treating athletes and helping them return to sports after injury while enhancing performance in the traditional physical therapy model, Greg aims at evolving how patients are cared for and consistently keeps his patients' goals as the main focus. At Movement Driven, we concentrate on listening to our clients' wants and needs in order to help them achieve their specific goals through our one-on-one movement-based approach.

About Movement Driven in Jacksonville

Dr. Greg Goldberger PT, DPT, OCS, TPI
 Owner, Physical Therapist

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Elza van Niekerk PT, SFMA, FMS
Physical Therapist

  • Bachelor of Science, Physiotherapy, University of Stellenbosch, Cape Town, South Africa

  • SFMA Certified Level 1 & 2

  • FMS Certified Level 1 & 2


Elza boasts a wealth of experience as a Physical Therapist, amassing 7 years of expertise across diverse healthcare settings, spanning from hospitals to private clinics. Originally hailing from South Africa, she earned her degree in Physiotherapy from the prestigious University of Stellenbosch in 2015.

While Elza's roots trace back to South Africa, she also has deep ties to Minnesota from her childhood, even as her professional journey has predominantly unfolded in sunny Florida. Her heart remains close to her family, prompting frequent visits, and she's often on the move, whether it's traversing new destinations or hiking amid the great outdoors (though she wisely avoids Florida summers). Elza's passion extends to honing functional fitness.

Notably, Elza has achieved certification as a movement specialist through Functional Movement Systems. She's presently immersed in her pursuit of a Tactical Strength and Conditioning certification through the National Strength and Conditioning Association, further nurturing her dedication to preventative movement screening.


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