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Ryan Gusto / Pitcher / Houston Astros

I completely tore my UCL and underwent Tommy John surgery in November of 2020. The Astros team Doctor performed my surgery in Houston. Come middle of December I could not do rehab with the Astros PT staff any longer due to offseason logistics coupled with Covid restrictions, so the Astros found, vetted, and set me up with Greg and I am very glad they chose him. Fast forward to current day (Jan 2022) and my elbow feels amazing and my shoulder, forearm, and all other muscles are stronger than ever. I was with Greg from month 1 to 5 and a half months post op which is arguably the most important part. Every single day that I came in for PT Greg met me with a smile and asked how everything felt, it’s worth noting that Greg didn't miss a single day for the 4.5 months I went to him. Communicating with your PT is very important in this process, everything you are feeling physically and mentally so they can best treat soreness, or alter daily programs for your benefit. Greg understood this and made sure we had a respectful and consistent line of communication about what would be best for me on any given day. My favorite part of working with Greg was that he was willing to give me direct attention everyday to make sure I was using proper form for all my exercises (to which there were many) and adjusting weight as necessary. I feel like those early months in my recovery were vital to making sure I gained the strength I needed in the healthiest possible way, and I am confident that with Greg, I saw the best possible results for myself. Even when my return to throwing program started just before month 5, Greg was out there throwing with me three times a week before I reported to the Astros spring training facility. I am now getting ready to return to the mound after this long journey and am so grateful to Greg for his hard work.

Aimee C.

I am a fitness and health professional so when I had a shoulder injury, I became very limited in my own range of movement and ability to strength train at the levels I was accustomed to. Dr. Greg was able to pinpoint the exact injury stemming from a torn serratus whereby creating pain in the entire region including my right shoulder. He worked with me to repair the serratus and also rebuild strength & mobility in my entire shoulder and pectoral muscles. My favorite part? He was also able to identify a subconscious limitation I had in progressing that stemmed back to my concern of the injury negatively impacting my livelihood. His ability to heal and improve the physical and mindset aspects is something truly special, and I’m so thankful for his help. I am back to all of my pre-injury abilities and also learned a great deal more about functional movement with my time spent in his care. Thank you, Dr. Greg!

Rob W.

I'm a 37 y/o active weightlifter who works out five days a week. For the past few years, I've been dealing with hip and back pain. I had been taking pain killers to sleep most nights of the week. Recently, I had my first session with Greg. After explaining my situation, he told me, at my age and level of activity I shouldn't have to deal with pain that regularly. Greg quickly found the source of my pain and the muscles and joints involved. Immediately after the session I felt relief that I hadn't felt in years. He showed me a few very helpful stretches and exercises and my pain has progressively diminished since our first session. I'm excited to see how much more I can improve! I would recommend Greg to anyone experiencing pain or recovering from an injury. He is very knowledgeable and a great communicator.

Jenine M.

I’ve never been the most athletic and I do regularly done exercise to stay heart healthy. I am a mom and a teacher so staying active is a must. When I had a bad fall and tore my ACL, MCL, meniscus, strained my peroneal nerve and basically shattered my knee, I never thought I’d have a success story to tell, but here I am, and I owe It all to Greg. Upon falling, my knee was so swollen that I couldn’t have surgery right away. My Orthopedic Surgeon suggested I start with a bit of physical therapy, to help alleviate some of the swelling and pain through deep tissue massage, cupping and electric stimulation guided exercise. Within a few weeks, Greg had me doing not only the things my surgeon prescribed, but strengthening exercises that I thought I’d never be able to do without being in pain. And I didn't even have my surgery yet! I would leave the clinic feeling such incredible relief in my knee every single time… …With the set back of Covid limiting elective surgeries being performed, I was unable to have surgery for six months. I was in Greg’s trusting hands the six months leading up to surgery, and right back the very next day after surgery. Within a few months of hard work on both of our parts, my knee was starting to feel really good. I couldn’t believe all the progress we had made. Greg’s knowledge, his ability to build relationships with people and his personable demeanor help make these situations all the more pleasant. On days when I felt depleted and defeated, he was always in my corner supporting me and making sure I knew that I could do this. I hope I never have to go through anything like that fall again, however, there’s no one I would ever trust, the way I trusted Greg. Here I am two years later doing exercises I never thought I’d do again and feeling like I gained a forever family!” 

Mina E.

Dr. Greg Goldberger helped me recover from an ACL reconstruction and meniscus repair. I also experienced a rare surgical complication that required a second surgery which made me doubtful that I would be able to return to my physical capabilities before my injury as a young and active individual. I did physical therapy with him for 1.5 years and every session was personalized, well organized and very effective. My sessions were based on achieving goals and not based on a “timer.” Dr. Goldberger never lowered the expectations in my recovery despite my complication, maintained an upbeat attitude, always listened to my concerns and created a personalized physical therapy plan that fit my schedule. He always went the extra mile to explain proper form, technique and why I was doing certain exercises. He provided me with a tool box of knowledge and exercises that I still do to this day. I was able to recover from my injury beyond my expectations and felt physically stronger than I did prior to my injury. He has a true passion for his profession and truly wants his patients to recover to the best of their ability. I would not have been able to recover fully if it were not for him and I will always be grateful for his help and expertise.

Sandy A.

After having major back surgery last May 25, 2021, I had various physical therapist treat me. All were good at their craft, but when Greg Goldberger arrived on the scene, he was very hands on and explained, in layman's terms, exactly what he was doing and why. Over a period of many months, he treated me with massage and instructed me in the various exercises that I needed to do religiously. He is very professional and caring and I always felt that he took a sincere interest in my journey toward wellness. There is no magic wand. The patient has to follow the routine if they want to improve. If I hadn’t had Greg’s support, I doubt I’d be where I am today. Recovery is a journey and I’m so grateful I took mine with Greg.

Patty W.

Movement Driven, Greg, helped me immensely! When I started with Movement Driven I had difficulty walking long distance with my lower back and right hip. Movement Driven showed me hands on exercises that helped me. He also email me videos of the exercises to do at home. I now can walk without pain. He explained to me how important it is to continue with my exercise to keep my core and muscles strong. I have been in physical therapy before, but never had this outstanding care before. I highly recommend Movement Driven!!!

Chris P.

Greg was able to rehab me after my total knee replacement. Following surgery and rehab I have never felt better. His knowledge and caring attitude helped me through my recovery and this Grandma thanks him for being able to get me back to chasing my grandchildren again.

Juan Z.

When I met Greg, I had gone through two failed surgeries, multiple epidural injections, and too many doctor visits to count! I was desperate for chronic pain relief in my lower back and neck. After working with Greg a couple sessions, I started to get the relief I was desperately seeking.
Greg is caring, compassionate and dedicated to treating each patient back to health. I am forever indebted to him for my improved quality of life.

Jordan A.

Greg was vital in getting me back to full strength and being able to throw. Also provides some great tips and tricks to help you down the line. Always a great contact to have and responds promptly if you have any issues! Have recommended him to many people and will continue to recommend him to anyone that needs a great PT!

Travis E.

Great experience with Dr. Greg and the team at Movement Driven Physiotherapy. We took my son who plays highly competitive baseball there for lower back pain. Within just a few sessions, the problem was almost completely resolved and we continued biweekly visits for strengthening and agility work. We really appreciated that Dr. Greg works one on one with every patient and provides the highest level of care and attention- much more than you’d find at a traditional physical therapy office where several patients are treated at one time. I would highly recommend Movement Driven Physiotherapy for high-level competitive athletes and anyone else looking for more individualized care.

Austin H.

I started off with Movement Driven going over some stretches that I could not do before. I had tight hips which prohibited me from doing a lot of stuff. They gave me several stretches that helped me improve my hip mobility. My experience with them was amazing! Always there for me & now I’m better for it. I would definitely recommend anyone who not just have tight hips, but for physical therapy & advice on the types of stretches that can help you in your everyday life.

Daidren D.

I came into Movement Driven with a pretty long running issue of Achilles tendinitis and a noticeable weakness in the area. Due to having this issue for a while I was skeptical to visit another professional because I had already seen several and felt I could mostly resolve the issue with my own knowledge. However, I’m happy to have visited Movement Driven as they provided a desirable experience. They were really good at identifying minute issues and putting together a more complete and dynamic program for me to follow. The staff was knowledgeable and motivating making this one of the best physical therapy environments I’ve been in. I recommend Movement Driven to anyone who wants to really understand what they are doing and how it helps them.

Kathleen B.

Movement Driven is amazing at what they do. Our 12 yr. old son was having pain under his shoulder blade. This was from years of incorrect, and uncorrected throwing. We had taken him to several doctors, and we’re referred to several physical therapists, but none of them really did anything to help. Dr. Greg, however, immediately knew what the issue was and quickly got to work to not only strengthen this area, but to help him throw correctly! We cannot recommend Movement Driven Performance Physiotherapy, and Dr. Greg enough! He helps anyone of any age and any ability. We would not hesitate to go back to him in a second. 

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