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Sports Performance Programs

You don’t need to have an injury to optimize your performance. Our hands-on approach to manual therapy and corrective exercise is designed to enhance how well you move and perform. We create individualized programs to address your specific needs based on an in-depth, full-body movement assessment to identify areas leading to poor performance or increased risk for injury. These programs are designed to restore imbalance and normalize movement deficiencies

The Armor Program

This program is designed to reduce common injuries and ailments seen in overhead athletes. Depending on their sport and position, some athletes put a tremendous amount of stress through their shoulders and elbows. With the Arm Care Plus Program we look to reduce the risk of rotator cuff, labrum, and ligament tears, as well as increase velocity and arm speed leading to improvement in performance.


This is a 4-week program which includes and comprehensive movement assessment and eight individualized training sessions. Participants will also be provided with detailed instructions and supplemental exercises to work on at home between training sessions.

Ideal for athletes who play:






Golf Specific Mobility & Power

We are partnered with Travis Fulton Golf Studio to provide golf-specific fitness training and programming!

Elevate your golf game with our TPI certified specialist to address swing faults, increase drive distance, and unlock the full potential of your swing.


Our tailored approach focuses on assessing mobility, stability, balance, strength, and power, allowing us to target limitations and develop a powerful, consistent swing.

Experience improved accuracy and increased drive distance as you reach new heights in your game.

Our golf-specific fitness training will help reduce injury risks, enhance stamina, and improve core strength, posture, & flexibility for the golf course and overall well-being & health for everyday life as well!

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