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How to improve your trail arm shoulder mobility and stop hitting over the top

Shoulder mobility is paramount to a solid golf game!

When golfing, the trail arm needs both adequate passive mobility as well as strength at end range. We need at least 90 degrees of shoulder external rotation actively, to be able to come back down within the slot and avoid going over the top leading to poor performance.

Not only is mobility in this range necessary to perform well, but it is also necessary to maintain shoulder health long term. We see hundreds of patients with shoulder pain that have limited mobility in this range. If this sounds like you, contact us before you develop a more serious shoulder injury!

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Watch the video below to learn how to self-assess your external rotation shoulder mobility and discover if you have a range of motion limitations or a strength deficit at end range.

The video also discusses simple techniques to begin to improve your specific issue.

Keep in mind these solutions are some of many and to make significant long-lasting changes there may be other limitations you have contributing to your lack of shoulder mobility.

If you have shoulder pain or an inability to get to adequate shoulder range of motion in your back swing, give us a call today and learn how Movement Driven can help improve your game and keep your health and on the course!


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